Hungarian TrailO Weekend


Bulletin 1.

Date: 14th and 15th November 2020.

Place: Bükfürdő, Hungary (link)

  • Vienna Airport 120 km; Bratislava Airport 160 km; Budapest Airport 240 km
  • the nearest cities are: Szombathely 30 km, Sopron 45 km

Competition:TempO + PreO Sprint + PreO.

TempO and PreO competitions have been approved for ECTO (unofficial European Cup in trail orienteering), WRE (World Ranking Event) and CHIS TrailO Cup (TrailO Cup of competitions organized in Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia).

Organizer: Tipo Tájfutó és Környezetvédő Egyesület és Káldi Természetjáró és Tájékozódási Futó Sportegyesület

IOF Event Adviser: Dusan Furucz

Competition manager: Zsolt Verebélyi

Course planner: Zoltán Miháczi

Classes: Elite (Open, Para, Juniors), A

Preliminary program:

14th November 10:00 – TempO (WRE)

14th November 12:00 – PreO Sprint

15th November 9:00 – PreO (WRE)

Entries: until March 13th. Eventor for the entries to the TempO and PreO events, for the entries to the PreO Sprint and Open A for all disciplines.

Entry fees:

  • Elite class: 20 EUR for TempO and PreO competition.
  • A class: 10 EUR for TempO and PreO competition.
  • PreO Sprint: 5 EUR.

Entry fees for the entries after deadline will be 50% higher.

Payments for entry fees can be made by bank transfer (tbd.) or in cash.

Maps: ISSprOM 2019, scale 1:4000 / 2 m.

Terrain: Area of Birdland Golf and County Club

Paths: Basically a good quality dirt road, few well-passable grasses are possible. Assistants are recommended to wheelchair user. Organizers will not provide any assistant.(If you still need it, contact us.)

Embargoed area: The whole area of Birdland Golf and County Club

SI system will be used for time-keeping on the both preO courses, Elite and A. Bring your SI card. Please, add your SI card number in entries. SI card can be rented for 2 EUR per each competition.

Toilettes: Toilettes will be available in the main building of Birdland Golf and County Club and mobile toilet.


Accommodation must be arranged individually.

Prizes: Medals and practical prizes for the best in each class.