MTBO 2017 – kiírás – angol

MTBO Tipo Cup 2017 

2-3 September 2017






Tipo Orienteering Club

Tájoló Erdei és Tájékozódási Sportok Alapítvány

Event centre                              

Pákozd, Hungary.

(6 kms from Székesfehérvár; 50 kms from Budapest; 490 kms from Praha.)


Two-day MTBO event.

2017.09.02. Middle distance, Hungary Cup and Czech Cup event 

2017.09.03. Long distance, Hungary Cup and Czech Cup event


Western part of the Velence hills, 100-250 m above sea level. 

There are three distinctive parts of teh terrain: ​

  • Open and semi open areas, mainly with granite surface. Huge granite boulders, abandoned quarries and traces of a former military training area break this surface. Riding conditions perfect in rainy weather as well, although the very steep parts offer more difficult conditions.
  • Forest area with a network of tracks, mostly perfect for riding, with some additional narrow nature trails. In higher areas the tracks run on the granite surface, while the lower tracks run on loamy soil.
  • Towards Pákozd the area is an extended network of good quality gravel and surfaced roads amongst cottages, vineyards and fruit orchards, with many dead ends but minor vehicle traffic.


Maps are 1:15 000/5 m and 1:10 000/5 m, corrected according to IOF MTBO standards October 2015. through August 2017.  No previous MTBO map is available from the area. The terrain was last used for foot-O 25 years ago. Size of the planned mapped area amounts to 16 km2.


Hungary Cup and Czech Cup: M/W 14, 15-17, 18-20, 21EAB, M21C, M/W 40, 50, F60. Open long, Open short.


For on-line entries use ORIS (Help), or OrienteeringOnline (coming soon). E-mail entries to will be confirmed.


In Velence (10 kms from Pákozd along a bike route).

Lake-side camping, offering tent and caravan areas, cottages, mobile homes and rooms.

Further information

Cases where general rules are altered will be included in the Event Information. 


The top 3 in all age classes will be awarded, except for the Open categories.

Planned starting times

MTBO Tipo Cup Day 1:            13:00

MTBO Tipo Cup Day 2:            10:00

Internet information, as well as the MTFSZ data base.


Bogdány Miklós (accomodation, payments)         +36 20 920 8574 (Hungarian, English, Russian)

Jankó Tamás (ORIS)                                            +36 20 944 3900 (English, German)


All participants take part at their own risks!

Take part in Tipo MTBO Cup and train for the European MTB Orienteering Championships 2018 and World Masters MTB Orienteering Championsips 2018


Map sample:

Foot-O map (1991):