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MTBO Tipo kupa 2019 

2017. August 24 – 25.





Tipo Orienteering Club, 1133 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 52.

Tájoló Erdei és Tájékozódási Sportok Alapítvány 1122 Budapest, Határőr út 53/a.


Stratis Vezetői és Informatikai Tanácsadó Kft. 

Budapesti Erdőgazdaság Zrt.


Mrs. Mészáros, Éva Gyöngyi Hegyi, Mayor of Sukoró


President: Attila Molnár

Vicepresident: Miklós Bogdány


Attila Molnár

Course setter:

Anna Füzy


Zoltán Kiss

Event Centre:                               

Sukoró, Hungary, Erdész street (47.240596, 18.593823) (10 kms from Székesfehérvár, 45 kms from Budapest, 490 kms from Praha).


Two-days MTBO event.
24.08.2019 Middle distance, Hungarian Cup and Czech Cup
25.08.2019 Long distance, Hungarian Cup and Czech Cup


Middle part of the Velence hills, 100-250 m above sea level.
Terrain may be considered having three distinctive parts:

  • Open and semi open areas, mainly with granite surface. Huge granite boulders, abandoned quarries and traces of a former military training area break this surface. Riding conditions perfect in rainy weather as well, although the very steep parts offer more difficult conditions.
  • Forest area with a network of tracks, mostly perfect for riding, with some additional narrow nature trails. In higher areas the tracks run on the granite surface, while the lower tracks run on loamy soil.
  • From Pákozd and Sukoró the area is an extended network of good quality gravel and surfaced roads amongst cottages, vineyards and fruit orchards, with many dead ends, minor vehicle traffic.


Maps are 1:15 000/5 m and 1:10 000/5 m, corrected according to IOF MTBO standards October 2015 through August 2019. The previous MTBO map used first time at the MTBO Cup 2017 covers the terrain’s western part, while the newly mapped part is 8 km2, making up for total 25 km2.


Hungarian Cup and Czech Cup: M/W 14, 15-17, 18-20, 21EAB, M 40AB, W 40, M/W 50, 60, M 70. Other categories: MW11, Escorted (Family) Open Long, Open Short, E-bike (25 km/h max.)


For on-line entries use ORIS (Help), or OrienteeringOnline.
E-mail entries to will be confirmed within two working days.
Entries by phone are not accepted. Entries for a single day are also possible.
The Entry information should include category, SIAC (!) card number and days of the competition.

Entry dates and fees

Entry dates and fees are summerized below. Arrival date of the Entry is considered as the Entry date.

Képernyőfotó 2019-07-30 - 23.14.53

Following the publication of the start list entries are only accepted by email and as long as there are empty places in the start list. By using online or e-mail Entries the competitors agree to receiving further competition and result information online. Participants and accompanying people accept that photos and videos taken during the competition can be published in the electronic or printed media, including the internet, except otherwise requested in a written form.


Cash payment at registration, in HUF or in Euro.
Those who prefer bank transfer payment, pleas contact Miklós Bogdány (see Contacts).


SPORTident Air+ electronic punching system will be used. The Si-stations will be programmed to accept exclusively SIAC cards while they will handle them from a distance of 1,5 m. SIAC-cards can be rented at the Event center for 1 EUR/day. Non-registered competitors will be asked to pay € 70 deposit upon renting. Please provide your own SIAC card number with your entry.


  1. Provisional camping with mobile toilets and coldwater shower on site, € 3/night, free under age of 6 years. No tourist tax.
  2. Lake-side camping site offering wooden and brick bungalows, further multiple rooms building.
    Very simply furnished rooms, all with bunk beds, bathrooms with hot water in 50 m. Free under age of 3 years. All prices are per night.
    a.) Bungalow, € 25 (two-bed), €47 (four-bed), bunk beds.
    b.) Rooms in main buliding, having a large common room with warming kitchen:
    two-bed room € 28,
    four-bed room € 47,
    8 or 12 beds € 11/person.
    Accomodation to be reserved together with your Entry or by 20th August at the latest. Late reservations for vacancies with an extra charge of € 1/person/night.
    A tourist tax of HUF 450 or €1,5 per day is to be paid for all older than 18 years.

Accomodation and information

Miklós Bogdány (Magyar, Angol, Orosz, Német)

Telefon: +36 20 920 8574 

Parking at the Event Centre

€ 2/day (cars), € 3/day large cars, camper vans.

Further information

The wearing of helmets is obligatory at all stage of the competition. Cases where general rules are altered will be included in the Event Information.


The top 3 in all age classes will be awarded, except for the Open and E-bike categories.

Planned first starting times

MTBO Tipo Cup Day 1: 13:00
MTBO Tipo Cup Day 2: 10:00

Internet information as well as the MTFSZ data base.

Preliminary winning times

Képernyőfotó 2019-07-30 - 23.26.04

Open short (NyR/OS) and long (NyH/OL)


Miklós Bogdány (accomodation, payments) +36 20 920 8574 (English, Russian, German)

Tamás Jankó (ORIS) +36 20 944 3900 (English, German)

All participants take part at their own risks!

Map samples: